Saturday, April 24, 2010

PA is home now :)

Well, just to catch you all up on what is happening with us, we are now living in Pennsylvania! We sold our house in Meridian, three hours before we pulled out with the Penske truck and trailer. That was wednesday the 14th. We drove that night to my parents house to see family and stay the night there. We left around 9 the next morning and headed to Salt Lake to see Beau and his family. After eating lunch with them we jumped on 80 and headed across wyoming to drop down into Thornton, Co to see Joe's brother and his wife. We arrived at there house at 10:30 that night. Friday morning we got a late start because we didn't want to leave Erik and Johanna's house. We loved staying with them and Erik can COOK!! It was so good!! So we left at 11am and dropped down into Denver and started heading across on 70. By 9 that night we had made in to Laramie, KS. We stayed in a hotel that night and it was the most disgusting place I have ever stayed in my life!! We wont go into a lot of detail, needless to say they ended up giving us a refund. Saturday morning we got an eairlier start and drove 18 hours to our destination. We took a couple of un needed detors because of a grand GPS idea, but it all worked out and we were blessed with no problems. Ashtyn did AMAZING!! He only got crabby twice and it was on our 18 hour day. We are now staying with a couple from the church out here. We stayed with them before when we came out in January to check things out, and they are amazing people. We have already created and great friendship with them. They have been gracious enought to let us stay with them as long as we want. I had a feeling we were going to be staying with them forever until just yesterday. We found a brand new townhouse for low income families. It is getting built right now and should be available the first week in May. It is smaller then what we are used to, but it will be perfect for our little family.
Ashtyn did great coming across, but now that we are here he is very confused. He wants to be held a lot and doesn't know what he can and can't do and get in to. It doesn't help that he is teething right now too. Poor little guy. This is the worst any of his teeth have been. But I sure love him!
Joe got registered for school and boy do they take advantage of you with out of state tuition. He is taking a reading a math class that is required before he can enter the ATC program. We are so excited that his dreams are becoming a reality at last. His first day at his new job was today and he said that his boss it so cool. He will be workin in the lawn/garden department at the Home Depot.
About me! Well not a lot that is new besides the news that we are expecting baby Wells #3. We just found out and are very happy to be soon welcoming a new little one into our family. Other than that I am just trying to adjust to my knew little world with no straight roads, trees everywhere, and no real mountains (just hill after hill after hill). Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful out here. It will just take a little to get used to after living in the flat dead west for so long.
And last, but definatly not least I have to thank my Heavenly Father. Joe and I have prayed long and hard about our decision to move out here for Joe's education. There has been nothing but blessings and answers to our prayers ever since we started praying about this. We sold our house for the price we were asking and everything has worked in our favor and I know it was all because of Him.
Well, I'm out for the night. Just wanted to catch you all up on our wonderful and adventurous life. I will post pictures soon too!