Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Piper Lynn is here!!

So my original due date with Piper was the 4th of December. I knew from my previous pregnancies that there is no way I was going to deliver early. On the 7th my doctor gave me the option to be induced and I was game... I was ready to be done and he said that I was 40% effaced and 4cm dialated. This was on Tuesday and so we scheduled for my induction at 7:30am Thursday (the 9th). Joe's mom flew in Wednesday night and on the way to the airport to pick her up my contractions were about every 8 minutes apart. I didn't think to much of them because they were not very painful and I figured that I would be going into the hospital the next morning anyways.... so why get excited. They continued at about that rate the rest of the evening and at aroun11:30 Joe and I decided to go to bed. Right before we turned out the lights Joe made me laugh really hard, to the point of tears, and I had one really strong contraction. We got in bed and from there my contractions were every 3-5 minutes apart. I tried going to sleep and finally gave up at 1:00am when they were starting to hurt pretty bad. We headed into the hospital at 1:30am. I was 80% effaced and 5cm. The nurse asked if I wanted to go ahead and get my epidural and because I knew it took some time to get it all organized I told her yes. By 2:30 I was comfortable again and slept off and on until 6:00am when I had an urge to push. I called the nurse and told her. She checked me about 15 minutes later and said I was ready. We did a test push and she said that with that one push that she had crowned. They called the doctor in and 4 pushes later, at 6:23am Piper Lynn was born. She weighed 8Lbs 8Oz and measured 21 inches long. And of course my doctor gave me so much crap about not waiting until the following morning so that he could get some sleep :) Here she is....

We were so excited when we asked if we could go home early and the doctors said yes. We had only been there for about 30 hours. Here is Piper ready to go home, just waiting for dad to come pick us up.