Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wrapped around their finger

Well, needless to say, but this little girl has me wrapped around her finger and she is not even here yet! I thought that was supposed to happen to dad, not me :) Anyways, I found a killer deal on ribbon and have wanted to make some bows to match the outfits that we have for her. I got all of this ribbon for $6. Yeah, I know, I'm awesome :) So this is the latest and greatest project that I have been working on. I will post again when I have some of them complete.

I'm so excited!
I'm not the only one wrapped up though.... Ashtyn loves to ride around on daddy's back and get bounced around. What a typical little boy! He has so much fun with his dad and follows him around a lot just saying "daddy, daddy, daddy!"

Ashtyn also has me wrapped around his finger. He loves his blanket and always want me to wrap it around him so that he has a cape. He runs around the house until it falls off and then brings it back to me to put it on him again and again. He is my little super hero!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Trip to Idaho!

This is more for my benefit than those of you reading it. We had the opportunity to fly back to Idaho on the 12th of September so that I could be there to photograph my niece's wedding. To start out, our flight was supposed to leave Pittsburgh at 7:15 the night of the 12th. My dad and sister, Kylee had left that afternoon so that they could be at the SLC airport to pick us up when we landed around 11:30. Well when we got to the airport we were informed that our flight was delayed by 2 hours and so we would miss our connecting flight from Minniapolis to SLC. Because I needed to be there to take pictures, when they told me that the earliest flight to SLC would arrive at 2pm, I was not happy. We would then have to drive 6 hours to Boise where the wedding was taking place. So I asked them if they had any flights to Boise. They did, so therefore we flew to Minniapolis, stayed the night there, and then flew from there straight to Boise. That was nice, but I felt bad for my dad who drove down there to get us. When we arrived in Boise, Neff, my sister-in-law was nice enough to come and get us and drop us of at our friends house. They were out of town for the week and had left a key for us to stay in their appt and use there rig. We were very greatful. We got ready for the wedding and WOW! It was so beautiful.
The following day we slept in, went to IHOP for breakfast then went to Kathring Albertson park to get some more still shots of the the bride and groom. We then went to lunch with Kim and Kyle's family (my brother and sister-in-law) and some of their good friends. Kim was headed home to Twin Falls that day so we caught a ride with her and my parents came and picked us up.
On Sunday, the 15th, we went to church with my parents. I think at that point Ashtyn had had enough and half way through church Joe left with Ashtyn and put him down for a nap. After Ashtyn woke up we had lunch with my family and then headed up to Joe's parents house where we got to see Baroo again! We miss our puppy so so much and are so glad that Joe's parents are taking care of her for us. She was so excited to see us as well. She about flattened me :) The rest of the family came up and met us there and then we all went up to the cabin in the basin and had a dutch oven dinner. It was so much fun!
Over the next week here are some of the the fun things that we did.
Monday - Relaxed and went Jet skiing that night
Tuesday - Went to the fair and checked things out. Went to Boise and stayed with Tom and Neff and the girls.
Wednesday - Saw the girls at Petersons, saw Kelsey from Gold's Gym, Saw some of Joe's friends from Coke, I got a message from Neff, then headed back to Burley for some more jet skiing down at Hobson's boat docks.
Thursday - Jet skiing again and went to Steve and De's and hung out with them.
Friday - Went to the fair where Joe and his brother Steve tried to get hypnotized, but that didn't work so well. Joe snapped out of it about 5 minutes in. Darn! I would liked to see him do some crazy things.
Saturday - Joe's dad came down to my parents and visited that morning. Then we left for Utah for a day of fun at Lagoon. Ashtyn, Mom and I didn't go, so we went and spent the day at Temple square and with Beau and Melissa and family. After a long day at Lagoon, we took Joe to the SLC airport so that he could come home and start the new semester on monday.
Sunday - Ashtyn and I made it through chruch then crashed. We then had dinner with mom and dad and the Potters that were in town.
The next week I was able to just spend a lot of time with my family, especially my sister. On Wednesday I went back up to Boise to spend the day with Racheal. We had so much fun and oh boy do I miss her. On Friday and Saturday I was able to go to Twin Falls and hang out with Kim and her family again. I miss them so much too. We also took Senior pictures of Barrett that night. Sunday Ashtyn and I made it through about half of relief society and then had to come home a crash again. Tuesday I was able to visit my favorite hair dresser (YAY) and get my hair done. We also took a bunch more pictures of Barrett and Kylee as well. That night Ashtyn and I got a total of about 30 minutes of sleep and then left for the SLC Airport to fly home. Our flight left at 8:45 and then we had to make an emergency landing in Witchita, Kansas to let an elderly lady off that was foaming at the mouth, throwing up, and passing out. After we landed in TN, Ashtyn and I had to run to our connecting flight that was boarding as our flight landed. We made it thought and arrived safely at home at about 5pm. We were so glad to see Joe again and missed him so much.