Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Little Monkey

Joe and I always call Ashtyn our little monkey, so it only seemed appropriate for us to dress Ashtyn up as a monkey this year. He loved his costume!! We found it at Goodwill for 10 dollars and when I got it home found out the zipper didn't work. I took it back and told them that if they refunded me 5 buck then I would still take it and figure out how to jimmy-rig it some how. They refunded me the 5 and when I got it home and took it appart, Joe was able to get the zipper back on! Needless to say, now I have to hide the costume from Ashtyn or he drags it around the house all day talking to it. He knows the word monkey to, so he asks for it all the time. Here are some pictures of the ward Trunk-or-Treat. Joe wasn't able to go cuz he had to work, so here Ashtyn is with our good friends Rachel and Kenny!

My favorite is his little banana hooked to his sleeve

I thought for sure that he would not keep the hood on, but he did.

How could you not love this little monkey!?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall is here!

I am so excited for the fall weather here in PA! It is so beautiful with all the trees. Tonight Ashtyn and I went to Brady Run park and took pictures. It was so much fun and brought to my attention again, #1, how much I love being a mother and a wife, and #2, how greatful I am for the beauty all around me. I have been blessed with so much and even though we have very little right now (college students :)) and no money to do anything, I wouldn't change it at this point for anything. We are so happy and find great joy in the little things that life brings.
Joe is doing very well in school and has only a couple more flights left before he is finished and has his private pilots license. He is working as much as he can to support us and gets along really well with all of the people he works with. He is a teacher over the young men in our church and from what I can tell enjoys his calling. He is working very hard and I love him very much for the sacrafice that he is putting into our little family.

I am getting more and more busy. Just this last week I had 4 people call and schedule photo shoots. It is nice to have a little extra money, so Joe and I are going on a date this week:) YAY! I am also staying busy practicing the piano as much as I can. The primary music gal asked me about a month ago if I would play the piano for the primary program. I have a huge phobia (?) of playing the piano in front of people, and I figured this would be a good way to hopefully get over that. As of this weekend I have 7 weeks until this little girl is supposed to arrive.... we are so excited! I can't believe how fast time has gone buy. So needless to say, I am getting tired easier and try to take a nap each day so that I can keep up with my two busy boys:). I have also taken up crocheting and making girls hair bows, just for fun, and that keeps me busy too.

Ashtyn is so full of energy! He is becoming much easier to understand and learns a new word almost every other day now. His new thing is telling me he has pooped his pants buy holding his rear end and saying "mommy, bubble!" At least he is telling me, right? I think it is so funny! He also loves Veggietales. He brings me one at least 10 times a day swaying side to side and trying to sing so that I will hopefully give in and let him watch it. We try to stick to one time a day. He is now opening doors as well and gets so mad when he can't shut them. But the thing that I would say that he loves the most is his cars. He drives them everywhere and loves to crash them into eachother. He is so much fun and I am glad that he will have a little sister soon. I think he will love it. I'm sure he (and I) will have a lot of adjusting to do, but I know that we will love it.
Here are some of the pictures of the park and Ashtyn.

This is my absolute favorite! This is his personality... just like his dad.

The hat... Grandma Anderson made for him.... and he won't put it down:)