Monday, June 21, 2010


Well it's been a while and things have finally calmed down a little, so I figured I'd catch up on a few things. PA is treating us very well. We have made a lot of new friends and love how green it is. On average it has rained every three days, and it is not your average Idaho sideways rain. This rain comes straight down and if you don't have an umbrella, your drenched. And the lightning storms are amazing!! But, enough about the weather.

We finally got moved into a townhouse on May 5th after living with some friends for almost a month. I'm sure they were glad to get rid of us :). Our town house is really close to everything we need too, so that is nice. Joe started school on the 17th of May and has been working close to 30 hours a week at the Home Depot in Chippewa Township. He works in the lawn and garden section and has really enjoyed it so far. He is doing very well in school and is about to finish two of his 6 week morning classes. YAY!! He has also started flying and LOVES it (imagine that)! He will continue for six more weeks with his math and reading classes, then he has a three week break and starts into the fall semester.

Ashtyn is growing like a weed. He loves playing outside and loves swimming too. He can't get enough of bath time and is starting to say things like ball, cat, dog, sketty (spaghetti), daddy, enny (Kenny, our friend that we stayed with), juice, nack(snack), hi, side (outside), and makes sounds for cats, dogs, horses, and cows. He loves chasing daddy around the house trying to tickle him and can't get enough of trying to sneak up on mom walking on his tip toes. He is very happy and tons of fun.

I'm doing great, just trying to keep up with Ashtyn. He has so much energy and I usually take a nap when he does just to make sure I have enough energy to finish out the day. I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy. More than with any other one. I finally started being able to stomach food about two weeks ago. I didn't throw up a lot, just nothing sounded good. I'm 17 weeks pregnant now and was able to feel the baby move for the first time two weeks ago. We have an appointment this thursday and we will be setting up our appt for our ultrasound to find out what we are having this time around. I'm very excited cuz we have never known before. Other than that, we are just loving life and just taking one day at a time.

Me! 17 Wks Pregnant

Our townhouse complex. Ours is the one with the door open.

And of course, my adorable little man :)

Loves to play in the water that stays on the slide after it rains.