Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Holidays

I can't believe another year is almost gone buy, but it is amazing to look back a realise what a great and challanging year it has been. I've grown so much and owe much thanks to my Heavenly Father for all that he has given me. Joe and I started attending a family ward today, and were delighted with the open arms that were extended to us as we start a new journey with a new (ward) family. Greatfully there are a lot of young familys mixed in with the elderly and we can say that we felt very good about our decision to go. It was time for a change in our lives and
we wanted to get settled before the baby arrived.

I'm very excited about Christmas this year... more excited than I have been in previous years. Not sure why, but I am thrilled for it to get here.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So I was very impressed with the movie even though I was not fond of the character that they had chosen for Edward, I am totally cool with it now because he was amazing. Joe went with me
to the midnight showing last night and I took a paid vacation day because I knew that I would be no use at work today. It was totally worth no sleep and Joe loved it too. Two thumbs up. I was impressed..... and so was the baby, it was wiggling around like crazy the whole movie (maybe I just noticed it because I was up through the night).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Year...We Miss You!

This last month has been a little bit of a challange, but also a great milestone in Joe and I's lives. The 24th of October marked what would have been Ayden's one year old birthday. We did our best to stay positive and make the best of our little guys birthday, but it was still hard. He is missed very much. We were able to spend about three hours in the Temple and just hold eachother and cry. But, what an amazing opporitunity to feel the spirit and receive some answeres to our heartache and worries. The only thing that I am worried about now is going through the year mark of the day that he died. We have great support and my parents are making a special trip to come and spend that weekend with us. The begining of this month Joe and I also made a special trip to the Cemetary to visit his grave and take him a little gift.

It was a very rewarding experience and we had a wonderful time building some good and positive memories of our little boy. Plus it was the first time we were able to see his headstone.

On a more upbeat note..... Joe and I are very greatful for the experiences that we have faced this year and for the trust that the Lord has given us and that He has in us to carry and face these trials. We know without a doubt that we will be able to be with our boy again and raise him in a perfect world. We also are very excited to be able to see him again and hear of all the wonderful things that he was called back to Heaven to do.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orton's Move :(

This is a little late getting up, but I wanted to let the Orton's know how much we are going to miss them here in Boise. On the 25th of last month some of Jaimee's friends all got together at Chili's and spent some time with her before she left us all. It was great! We had Nicole Durrant, Kara Cochran, Amber Smidt, Mandie Anderson, April Hansen, Jaimee and Myself. We had a lot of laughs and it was really great seeing all the other girls that had moved out of the ward. We miss all you and your families and are going to miss Jaimee, Jared and Jakobie. Love you Guys!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aviation Weekend

This last week was a blast. Joe is getting ready to get his private pilot license, and because of his deep interest in aircrafts (like my dad) we went to the Blue Angels air show in Twin Falls. I have to admit, I was very impressed and have a deep respect for the pilots. That is not a career that I could handle. And Joe was like a kid in a candy store.... All SMILES!

Not only where there fixed wing but also more helicopters than you could imagine. Joe and Kylee got to sit inside of an Apachee.

This is not my idea of fun. Haha. And I could not imagine being chased by a plane with guns like that on it.

Dad had the right idea. I would suggest being his friend too:)

This c-130 went up at the begining of the show and dropped 17 paratroopers. It was awesome and that plane is a monster! It took them 20 minutes just to get two of his propellers warmed up.
Thes guys practically sat on top of eachother the whole show. Blue Angels 1-4 were always in formation while 5 and 6 did all of the stunts. They moved with such acuracy that it is no wonder they get paid to do what they do. It was hard to get pictures of them too becuase they are so fast! It was well worth the sun burn and the money to see these guys fly.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Little Angel

Joe and I were blessed with the joy of our lives on October 24th, 2007. Ayden Joseph Wells was born at home and due to health complications that took place 2-3 weeks before his birth, he returned to our Heavenly Father on November 14, 2007. We know with out a doubt that this was God's plan for our little boy and that he is accomplishing much more now then he ever would have being on earth.

His mission here is complete and we were instruments in the Lord's hands in aiding Ayden's little spirit to complete what he had promised in the pre-mortal world to do. I am sure that he was just as disappointed as we were that he could not stay here with us. It gives Joe and I the streangth each day to cope and strive to live worthily so that we might be able to raise him in the next life. He taught us so much about our selves and eachother that we could not ask for more and find it a blessing that things happened the way that they did. No matter what happens in the future we know that we have an angel rooting for us and hoping that we make it back to him too.

The Begining

A lot of people like to hear Joe and I's story so I thought this might be the easiest. We were introduced to eachother when my dad directed the play "Damn Yankees." He was one of the baseball players and at first, to be honest, I felt sorry for Joe because he always sat alone. He was cute too, so that gave me a good excuse to talk to him. He and I "hung out" a lot during the play and to my great dismay he ditched me after it was over. He moved to Boise to get ready for his mission and moved back to Oakley shortly after becuase he wasn't preparing at all. When he got back he and I both were asked to be dance partners in the play "Annie get Your Gun." Like before we were very interested in eachother and once the play was over he again ditched me. He began dating another girl from the play and she decided to wait for him while he was on his mission(like that ever works). About half way through his mission she ended up getting married and breaking his heart. He came home in November of 2005 and after spending a week with his sister in Boise gave his homecoming address in Oakley. I was not going to go and finally decided I could at least support him as a friend(although I was hoping for more!). Therefore I took my mother and brothers and sister, that way it didn't look like I was stalking him. In the middle of sacrament meeting I noticed a very attractive girl peak around the chaple/gym seporators and wave at him. He lit up and waved back. I thought for sure that this was his new girlfriend and was disappointed. When the meeting was over he came straight to me and gave me a hug. Come to find out that girl was his sister that he had spent a week with upon returning home from his mission. I thought that Joe had a rather small family. The only two siblings I remember hearing about were his little sister Kayla, who passed away two weeks before here 8th birthday, and Jared, who had also been in Annie get Your Gun with us. He proceeded to ask my family if we wanted to come the dinner at there house and we agreed. On the way over there my mom asked me if I was ready for this curcus. I was confussed and asked her what she ment. "Well," she said, "You do know that Joe is number 9 out of 10 kids right?" I was shocked and still to this day I can't get all the kids right according to birth order. After that day Joe and I were inseperable. He proposed to me on January 6th, 2006, and we were married March 8th, 2006.