Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Little Monkey

Joe and I always call Ashtyn our little monkey, so it only seemed appropriate for us to dress Ashtyn up as a monkey this year. He loved his costume!! We found it at Goodwill for 10 dollars and when I got it home found out the zipper didn't work. I took it back and told them that if they refunded me 5 buck then I would still take it and figure out how to jimmy-rig it some how. They refunded me the 5 and when I got it home and took it appart, Joe was able to get the zipper back on! Needless to say, now I have to hide the costume from Ashtyn or he drags it around the house all day talking to it. He knows the word monkey to, so he asks for it all the time. Here are some pictures of the ward Trunk-or-Treat. Joe wasn't able to go cuz he had to work, so here Ashtyn is with our good friends Rachel and Kenny!

My favorite is his little banana hooked to his sleeve

I thought for sure that he would not keep the hood on, but he did.

How could you not love this little monkey!?


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Zach and Jordy said...

So cute! Keller was a monkey this year too. He loved trick-or-treating! It's so fun to watch them.