Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's play catch up

We had so much fun in Idaho last month. We left PA on the 6th of March and came back on the 14th. There were so many pictures that I wanted to use, but I don't have enough space and time to put them all on here. Here is my brother Burke with his girlfriend Tiffany. She is so much fun... I do not know how Burke got ahold of her :) I was so excited to learn that while we were going to be in Idaho, that Barrett was going to be able to have his "Farewell." He is going to Balem, Brazil and he just reported to the MTC in Provo, Ut yesterday. He was supposed to go to the Brazil MTC, but his visa didn't come through so he has to wait.

Since we were planning to be in Idaho in March we waited to bless Piper so that family could be involved. She was so gorgeous and I was so happy that all of our family was able to participate.

Here she is with her dad!

Later that night, after the dinner that we had for Piper and Barrett, Burke and Tiffany came over and spent the evening with us. They brought their rats and I thought he was going to be scared of them, but Ashtyn absolutly LOVED them. As you can tell from the pictures, I could not get Ashtyn to look at me. He was way to busy with those rats.

I love this picture! He was having so much fun and you can just see it in his eyes.

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