Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning coversation :)

So this morning I Ashtyn, Piper and I were up at 7am. I usually let Joe sleep in because he works and has school so I want him to be well rested. Anyways, around 8:45am we went upstairs to wake daddy up. I usually tell Ashtyn to rub daddy's back but this morning I though I would be mean. So I whispered in Ashtyns ear, before we went in the room, "suck on your finger and then put your finger in daddy's ear!" He was so excited that when we went into our room he announced "DADDY! Put my finger in daddy's ear." Naturally Joe knew exactly what was about to happen and covered his ears. Ashtyn tried his hardest, and after numerous failed attempts, he said "come on dad, it'll be fun!" We were laughing so hard, but what made it even better was after a few more attempts Ashtyn finally said "Okay, fine!" and stuck his not-so-wet-anymore finger in my ear.

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